About the Organisation

Desert Support Services (DSS) provides a range of services that are geared towards supporting Aboriginal Corporations to achieve a sustainable and independent future through building independence and sustainability.  Over a number of years we have developed outstanding land management projects and partnerships across the Central Desert region that empower traditional owners to manage their lands and achieve their objectives for people, country and culture.  

DSS forms part of the Central Desert Group (CDG) of companies that also include Central Desert Native Title Services and Rockhole Funds Management.  Each company is separately incorporated and operates independently, but work closely together where there are clients and interests in common.

CDG shares a vision that the people of the Central Desert are using their traditional lands to fulfil their highest social, cultural and economic aspirations and the values that drive our behaviour:

  • Community focused
  • Innovative and adaptive
  • Professional
  • Collaborative
  • Goal oriented

Advertised Roles:

Kiwirrkurra IPA Coordinator (Female) (1806); and

Kiwirrkurra Ranger Team Coordinator (Male) (1808)

DSS provides high quality project development, management and implementation support to community based organisations in the Central Desert region in the areas of land management, community development and partnership brokerage. We are committed to supporting community based organisations to manage their programs and part of your role will be equipping Kiwirrkurra traditional owners with the capacity to manage the land management program over time. 

DSS facilitates and manages the Kiwirrkurra Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) and associated projects, under the direction of the native title holders (see Facebook page here for more detail). We have also just received funding to set up a new part-time Ranger Team which will complement the existing highly successful IPA program.

The Kiwirrkurra IPA Plan for Country sets out a strategic framework for the use and management of country. Sitting under the IPA plan is the Kiwirrkurra Science and Monitoring Plan which was developed to set priorities and strategies for the management of Kiwirrkurra’s biodiversity values. Both these plans are available on our website:

Kiwirrkurra IPA Plan for Country

Kiwirrkurra Science and Monitoring Plan

These documents, along with the IPA and Ranger Team contracts, will guide the operational objectives of the roles.

The successful applicants will be required to travel and work remotely in the field for extended periods of time during the field season (e.g. 2 weeks per month, March to December).

We are looking for two committed people to work with Kiwirrkurra traditional owners to achieve outstanding results.

To enable strong engagement with both male and female Kiwirrkurra people, as a genuine occupational requirement under Section 27 of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 we are recruiting:

  1. IPA Coordinator (Female); and
  2. Ranger Team Coordinator (Male).

Kiwirrkurra IPA Coordinator Duty Statement

Kiwirrkurra IPA Coordinator Selection Criteria

Kiwirrkurra Ranger Team Coordinator Duty Statement

Kiwirrkurra Ranger Team Coordinator Selection Criteria


Wiluna Ranger Team Coordinator (1807)

This is an exceptional opportunity to lead the development of Indigenous ranger teams and to create long lasting ecological, economic and social impact in the Midwest region. The purpose of this role is to:

  • Lead and develop two Indigenous ranger programs.
  • Develop, implement, supervise and report on ranger work plans.
  • Engage with partners and stakeholders in the development and delivery of the ranger programs.

The successful person will be on the leading edge of developing innovative, community led Indigenous employment and enterprise models that can have application across remote Australia.  Specifically, they will work with Wiluna and Gingirana Traditional Owners, in partnership with Northern Star Resources (NSR), to build local Indigenous controlled social enterprises that include competitive market-based environmental contracting capabilities.

The successful person will coordinate ranger program development across two NSR mine sites, Jundee and Plutonic on a monthly basis.  The Jundee Wiluna Martu ranger program has been running over the past 4 years and has built a significant national and international profile as an innovative Indigenous employment and environmental contracting model.  The Plutonic (Gingirana) program is in its infancy, having recently secured Australian Government support to commence building the partnership.

The successful person will be required to travel and work remotely in the field for extended periods of time during the field season.

 The Wiluna and Gingirana ranger programs have significant linkages to other high profile projects in the region, including the Birriliburu and Matuwa and Kurrara Kurrara Indigenous Protected Area projects.

Find out more about Wiluna, Gingirana and related projects by following the links in our website and Land and Community Facebook page here.

Wiluna Ranger Team Coordinator Duty Statement and Selection Criteria


How do you apply?


  1. Complete a Cover Letter clearly addressing your ability to perform the duties outlined under the selection criteria; 
  2. Ensure that you clearly define which selection criteria point you are addressing within your Cover Letter*;
  3. Submit an up-to-date Resume;
  4. Submit your Resume and Cover Letter in PDF format by following the requirements of the Application Form below; and
  5. Clearly state which position you are applying for.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people are encouraged to apply.

Applications close Monday 19th June 2018; 4.30 pm (WST)**.

*Applications that do not include a completed Cover Letter addressing the Selection Criteria will not be accepted.

**Late applications will not be accepted.

For more information contact the HR Officer on 9425 2099