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Request for tender for consulting services –

Feasibility of an ERF method for the arid zone


We are looking for an experienced consultant to undertake a feasibility study on the potential development of an emission reduction fund (ERF) method using fire management for the generation of carbon credits in sub-600mm rainfall zone. Although the Australian Government has not prioritised any scoping or development of an ERF method of this type, 10DP is interested in considering if there is any future potential carbon farming coverage for the activity.

The feasibility study will be approached in a number of stages with the second and subsequent stages dependent upon the outcome of stage 1.

The feasibility study is part of the 10 Deserts Project (10DP), which is a collaboration of Indigenous organisations across WA, SA and NT led by Desert Support Services (DSS). The Indigenous organisations are supported by international and regional conservation organisations and deliver a range of activities to enhance environmental resilience, improve Indigenous livelihoods and develop a strong Indigenous representative body for Indigenous rangers and their organisations across the deserts.

Funding from the US based BHP Foundation has been secured for the collaboration which goes through to 31 December 2022 – see attached brochure and www.tendeserts.org for more information.


Responses are to be received no later than 5.00 pm Australian Western standard time on Friday 29 March 2019.

Responses should be no more than 25 pages and include:

• An appreciation of the brief and why this project is of interest

• A statement addressing the selection criteria- Found in the following link - Selection Criteria

• An outline of the proposed methodology to be used and timelines in delivering the services

• A proposed work plan showing key deliverables, roles and timelines for stages 1, 2a and 2b – note that stages 2a and 2b are alternates and optional dependent upon the outcome of stage 1

Fee and payment structure proposed (exclusive of GST) for each stage - note stages 2a and 2b are alternates and both are optional dependent upon the outcomes of stage 1

• General background on the consultant, key personnel and sub-contractors including qualifications and references to relevant previous work

• An attachment with resumes for key personnel of the consultant and sub-contractors.

For Further information please click on the following link

-Tender for Consulting Services-

Tender responses should be emailed to petersee@dss.org.au

Expression of Interest - Fire Management Support Services

Located in East Perth, Desert Support Services Pty Ltd (DSS - part of the Central Desert Group) is committed to assisting traditional owners and their representative bodies to use their traditional lands to fulfil their social, cultural and economic aspirations to achieve a sustainable and independent future.

We are looking for innovative and experienced seasonal contractors to provide fire management support services on the 10 Deserts Project (10DP) - a major Indigenous-led land management collaboration across Australia’s deserts.

The project, which includes Indigenous organisations, and international and regional conservation organisations, is delivering a range of activities to enhance environmental resilience, improve Indigenous livelihoods and develop a strong Indigenous representative body for Indigenous rangers and their organisations across the deserts.

Further information on the project can be found at www.tendeserts.org . The project is being managed by Desert Support Services.

10 Deserts is seeking to form a small panel of seasonal contractors to assist with the delivery of training, and the implementation of both fine and broad scale fire management operations across South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

This is an opportunity to work with traditional owners and ranger groups to address the lightning fire regime which is a common threat to desert ecosystems.

The role includes:

  • Assisting ranger teams to implement prescribed burning, both aerial and ground based

  • Assisting teams to plan burning activities

  • Assist with training events and skill development for indigenous rangers

  • Capacity building of Traditional Owners (TOs) and indigenous ranger teams with respect to fire management

Contractors will be expected to work closely with the Regional Fire Management Officer, based in Perth, and with TOs and other stakeholders across the project area. Successful applicants will enter into a contract with Desert Support Services.

For any further information please click here.

How to lodge your expression of interest:

Responses should be no more than 3 pages and include:

  • A brief statement as to why this project is of interest;

  • A statement addressing the outlined selection criteria found in the following link - selection criteria;

  • Background on the contractor including description of relevant previous work; and

  • Proposed fee structure (exclusive of GST)

Responses should be emailed to garethcatt@dss.org.au

Expressions of Interest are to be received no later than 9.00 am Australian Western standard time on 11 March 2019.   


Expression of Interest – DSS Casual Employment Pool

Desert Support Services (DSS) is establishing a casual employment pool where suitable applicants can apply to work for our industry-leading organisation. We use recruitment pools to develop groups of people who we feel are suited to assist in casual roles on an as needs basis plus they may be suited to future positions within Desert Support Services.

When applicants lodge their interest for consideration in the casual employment pool, their application is passed on to our Senior Management Team for assessment. Applicants who we believe have the necessary qualification/s, experience and skillsets that match casual opportunities will be contacted for interview for the casual employment pool.

When applicants are part of a pool, we can offer them casual vacancies that come up if their qualifications, experience and skillsets match the opportunity available.

A pool will generally continue for a twelve (12) month period. If you are in a pool you may be offered an opportunity within the relevant time period, however your appointment to a position is not guaranteed.

Everyone who receives an interview is advised in writing of the outcome of their application. You will be advised that you have been:

·       recommended for the casual employment pool; or

·       unsuccessful in your application.

If you would like your application to remain in the casual employment pool after twelve (12) months please ensure you reapply with an updated application.

Applicants wishing to apply to the casual employment pool should read the following forms:

Casual Employment Pool Information Sheet

Employment Position Description(s) -

Applicants wishing to apply to the casual employment pool should complete the following forms:

DSS Employment EOI Form

How to lodge your expression of interest:

  1. Complete the details requested under the ‘Application Form’ template below.

  2. Upload your Resume in PDF format.

  3. Upload your completed DSS Employment EOI form under the ‘Upload Cover Letter’ section below.

  4. Press Submit.

Due to the large number of applicants we anticipate to receive we are unable to reply to every candidate who lodges an expression of interest. However, if an opportunity is identified and you possess the necessary skills and qualifications for the role a member of our team will be in contact with you.

DSS embraces diversity and encourages applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, young people and people with disabilities.